How To Rearrange Your Bedroom For A Cheap Refresh

If you’re on a tight budget and want to give your bedroom a mini makeover, you can easily do so without spending anything! Make your bedroom look brand new by rearranging items and using decorations you already own. This is a clever way to freshen up your space every season or whenever you want a different look. From moving furniture around to reducing clutter to swapping decorations and more, here’s how to rearrange your bedroom for a cheap refresh.

Start By Rearranging Your Bedroom Furniture

How To Rearrange Your Bedroom For A Cheap Refresh - move furniture around

Sometimes a simple layout change is all you need to get a brand new bedroom appearance. Rearranging your bedroom furniture can give the effect of a full makeover without spending any money. Even if you just move around a couple of pieces, you can quickly create a new layout in your space.

Before you do any moving, it’s best to write up a plan or even draw up a simple sketch of your room. That way, you can decide on your exact plan of action for where to move each piece of furniture. Move your biggest pieces around first to make sure their new areas are big enough for them. Then, move your smallest pieces last to fill in the gaps.

How To Rearrange Your Bedroom Furniture

  • Bed: Your bed is one of the first pieces of furniture that you should find a new spot for. Place it somewhere unexpected to completely change up the look of the room. For instance, if your bed is in the corner, move it more towards the center of the room to act as a centerpiece. You can even switch up your bedding for an extra touch of freshness.
  • Dresser: If your dresser is set up with a television or large mirror above it, it might be a little extra work to move everything. However, it’s well worth it, especially if you already move your bed – you can then move your dresser and TV to face your bed.
  • Accent Chairs: The great thing about small accent chairs is that there is a lot of variety when it comes to their placement. Whether you set them up by a window, move them into a cozy corner, or set them at the foot of the bed, rearrange them in a new way.
  • Shelving Units: If you have any standing shelving units, now is your time to rearrange them to a new area of the room wherever there’s an empty spot.
  • Desk: If you have a desk in your room, consider moving it to face a window or place it in a new corner for a different perspective.

Remove Any Unnecessary Bedroom Items

How To Rearrange Your Bedroom For A Cheap Refresh - remove clutter

To continue the rearrangement of your bedroom, take a moment to look around your room and think about things you can get rid of or put away. Whether you have a lot of a clutter around, too many accents on your shelves, or just items that you’re tired of looking at, there is probably something you can move out of sight.

A great way to make these decisions is to start from the floor and move up. Take a look at your floor to see what types of baskets, bins, and decorative pieces you have displayed. If there’s anything that’s been there for too many years or if you have too many baskets crowded in one area, choose items to give away or put into storage. Then, take a look at other areas of your room – see if there’s any cluttered shelves, too many pillows on the bed, or too many things stored out in the open.

Instead of putting these extra items in storage, you can even reuse them in other areas of your home. You’d be surprised to see how many different ways you can reuse decorations and storage items in new ways. Taking the time to declutter your space will make it feel renewed.

Rearrange Wall Art & Decorative Accents

How To Rearrange Your Bedroom For A Cheap Refresh - rearrange wall art and accents

Another step to rearrange your bedroom for a cheap refresh is to move your current decorations around. Instead of buying brand new wall art and accents, you can easily move your current decor into new areas around your room. Some simple swaps can instantly refresh your bedroom and make it look and feel different. It’s a great way to get a new look for less!

How To Rearrange Your Bedroom Decor

  • Move artwork to the opposite wall
  • Switch dresser accents over to your side table
  • Take some of your bed throw pillows and move them onto your accent chairs
  • Swap faux flowers between vases
  • Simply rearrange and mix around the decor on your dresser
  • Move your rug into a new area in the room
  • Change around your shelf decorations for a slight difference

Switch Up Your Bedroom Storage By Reorganizing

bedroom storage

When you’re rearranging the visual aspects of your bedroom, you should also consider rearranging elements of your room that are slightly hidden. Reorganizing your bedroom storage is a great way to make your space feel refreshed for less. Even though a lot of your storage is hidden away, reorganizing will help you notice a big difference in your room.

Whether your room is a little messy or if it’s just been awhile since you’ve organized different areas of your room, rearranging your storage is a smart idea. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out how to reorganize your bedroom below.

How To Reorganize Your Bedroom

  • Go through your dresser drawers. Sort through any clothing you want to donate and then refold everything nicely.
  • Sort through any storage bins and baskets you have around your room. There might be items to get rid of or there might be extra items out in the open that can go inside of the bins.
  • Reorganize your dresser, desk, and side tables. This is especially beneficial if clutter has piled up. Tidy everything up to look neat and organized.
  • See if there’s any storage items that can be hidden away. You can easily move some storage items to your bedroom closet or underneath your bed to open up your space a little more.
  • Reorganize the clothing in your closet. Start by sorting through all your clothing and seeing if there’s anything to donate or get rid of. Then organize your clothes by season, style, type of item, color, or any other arrangement that works for you.
  • Bonus: If you’re looking for even more bedroom organizing tips, check out these 7 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom!

Move Decorations From Other Rooms Into Your Bedroom For A Cheap Refresh

move decorations around on dresser

Lastly, another great way to rearrange your bedroom for a cheap refresh is to reuse other decorations from around your home. This is a unique way to change up the look of multiple rooms at once without spending any money! Moving a few new decorations into your bedroom can very quickly give it a brand new appearance.

Start by taking a look at the smaller decorative accents displayed around your home. See if there’s anything that matches or complements your current bedroom style. You can also take a look at wall hangings and larger decorations that you have throughout your home. Once you’ve chosen items that will match your bedroom, make sure to double check that you have enough space for them. You can even move out some of your current bedroom decorations into another room.

In addition to moving decorations around from room to room, you can even think about moving furniture as well. For instance, you can consider switching your bedside table with your living room side table. Or you can even move a decorative storage unit into your bedroom from another room to add a new piece of furniture into your space. No matter which pieces of furniture you move from room to room, you can easily create a new bedroom style for a cheap refresh.

Now that you’ve learned how to rearrange your bedroom for a cheap refresh, check out our Home Decor section to find extra items to add to your space! Find decorative accents, home collections, wall art, curtains, rugs, furniture, and much more.

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