7 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a tidy space where you can feel relaxed and calm. It’s fairly simple to clean up the room and consistently maintain it with the help of some easy ideas. From clothing organization tips to storage container tricks and more, here are 10 easy ways to declutter your bedroom for a more organized space.

1. Roll Your Clothes & Use Drawer Dividers For More Efficient Dresser Storage

Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom - Roll Your Clothes In Drawers

If your dresser drawers are overcrowded and disorganized, it may be time to rearrange your clothing with a new organization strategy. Start by emptying out your dresser to visually see every piece of clothing that you have. Decide on items that you want to donate or throw away, and then start your organizing.

Instead of folding your clothing the typical way, try neatly rolling up each piece. This is easiest to do with t-shirts but can be done with other articles of clothing as well. The rolling method will instantly give you more space in your drawers and will allow you to see everything you have more clearly. Make sure to maintain this method to keep your drawers neat and tidy.

In addition to the rolling method, you can also add drawer dividers to stay even more organized. Dividers work really well with smaller pieces of clothing like socks, or even can be used to organize bracelets and other jewelry.

2. Use A Bedframe With Shelves Or Get Organized With Under-The-Bed Storage Solutions

Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom - Under The Bed Storage

Hidden storage is one of the best ways to declutter your bedroom because it reduces a lot of unnecessary items in your room. The important thing about hidden storage is that you still keep essential items within reach, but you don’t let these items take over bedroom.

Take advantage of the space underneath your bed, especially if you have limited closet space or a small bedroom. You can sometimes find bed frames that come with shelving underneath or even drawers. Otherwise, make use of slim storage boxes and bags to store items under your bed. These are things you can easily slide out whenever you need them. You can specifically seek out under-the-bed storage bags and boxes that are made to fit in that small space.

Easy Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom: What To Store Under Your Bed

  • Out of season clothing
  • Shoes
  • Extra bedding and blankets
  • Toys in a kid’s room
  • Crafting and hobby supplies
  • Books, video games, and extra electronic items

3. Only Keep The Bare Essentials Out On Your Bedside Table

Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom - Clean Up Your Bedside Table

Your bedside table can very quickly become cluttered with books, decorations, beauty products, and other nighttime items that are easy to grab when lying in bed. While this can be convenient, it can also make your bedroom feel unbalanced and look less tidy than you’d want it to.

Aim to only keep out the bare minimum on your bedside table. This can include:

It’s best to invest in a bedside table that has drawers so you can hide essential items away to make your space look cleaner. A more simple looking bedside table with minimal items on top can help your bedroom look more organized and put together.

4. Place Decorations On A Ladder Shelf To Save Space In Your Bedroom

Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom - Use A Ladder Shelf For Decorations

Ladder shelves are typically a slimmer and sleeker option compared to traditional cabinets and shelving units. Using a ladder shelf in your bedroom can open up some space and give you a simple area to display decorations and other items.

How To Decorate A Ladder Shelf

When using a ladder shelf in your bedroom, you may want to opt for a wide one with larger shelves that can hold bigger decorations. There are many ways to decorate a ladder shelf, and you can adjust according to your bedroom style. But here is a simple way to line a five level ladder shelf:

  • Top Shelf: Display a framed piece of artwork or photograph
  • Second Shelf: Set up two small decorative accents
  • Third Shelf: Show off a uniquely colored accent such as a vase
  • Fourth Shelf: Display a set of books with decorative bookends
  • Bottom Shelf: Put one decorative accent on the bottom that will take up most of the shelf

5. Use A Decorative Tray To Hold Beauty Products & Everyday Items On Your Dresser

Decorative Tray On Dresser

Trays and catchall baskets are always an easy and effective solution to cleaning up a cluttered space. If your dresser, desk, or side tables have become a surface area for piles of unorganized items, it may be time to get things into place.

Use a decorative tray on your dresser or other surface to hold any beauty products, keys, or any other everyday essentials. You can even display some small accents on the tray, such as candles, for a clean decorative look. A mirrored tray will give off an elegant and sometimes vintage appearance, while a wooden tray works well for a modern or rustic room.

Either type of tray is ideal for holding items such as perfumes and makeup, jewelry, car keys, small collectibles, and any other items that are lingering around your room. Just make sure to only keep necessary items in the tray and store away other cluttered items in drawers and boxes.

6. Put Woven Baskets Inside Of Open Shelves To Declutter Your Bedroom

Woven Baskets Inside Of Shelves

Shelves in your bedroom can quickly become cluttered and crowded because it’s easy to continuously place items on the shelves without thinking about it. Overcrowded shelves can make your bedroom look messier than it is because the shelves are a huge focal point in the room.

To clean up your shelves, start by removing unnecessary items. Decide what really need to be out on the shelves – this can include things such as books, small decorations, beauty products, and any other essential quick grab items. Anything else that doesn’t need to be out on the shelf can be stored away in the closet or in drawers.

Once you’ve decided on the necessary shelf items, place baskets inside of the shelve to hold your items. You can alternate the baskets to be in every other shelf, so that way you can display decorations on the open shelves. Your cluttered items will then be hidden away in the baskets and you can easily slide them out whenever you need them.

7. Keep Extra Blankets & Linens In A Large Decorative Basket On The Bedroom Floor

Extra Blankets In Basket

If you have a lot of extra linens, blankets, and pillows without a proper place to store them, you might want to consider the basket method. Instead of keeping them all folded in a corner on the floor, hide them away with a simple store hack.

Take a large basket or decorative bin and place your extra blankets and pillows inside. The basket can be displayed in the corner of the room or even at the end of your bed. For a more balanced look, you can set up two matching baskets at the end of the bed.

You can make it look even more decorative by placing a small rug underneath the basket or bin. This will give the appearance that the basket is a purposeful decoration in the room instead of a storage spot.

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