The 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Ideas

We’ve all heard the classic song “The 12 Days of Christmas” that we tend to listen to during the holiday season. Turn this jolly song into a tradition by giving someone a themed gift for each of the 12 days. This is an especially fun way to celebrate the season with your family because it gets everyone excited for Christmas. There are many themed gift ideas you can find inspired by the 12 days. Whether you give them some simple and silly gifts, or some substantial and meaningful gifts, they’ll have fun receiving a gift for each of the days. Need some inspiration? Here are “The 12 Days of Christmas” gift ideas to give this holiday season.

1. A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Fresh Pears Gift

Pears Christmas Gift

Since the first of the 12 days is partridge in a pear tree, it only makes sense to give them a pear themed gift. The easiest choice is to give them a basket filled with fresh pears, or even a basket with mixed fruit. This is a fresh and delicious gift idea that they’ll enjoy, plus it’s a great idea if you’re on a budget. Give them a variety of a different types of pears to try for an even more unique gift.

Other Pear Themed Gift Ideas

Aside from a simple basket of fresh pears, you can also give them a variety of other pear themed items. You can stick with a pear themed food gift or you can get more creative with the theme and give them something different. No matter what type of pear gift you give them, it’s a fun way to start off the 12 days. Check out some other pear themed gift ideas below.

  • Pear scented lotion or soap
  • Candle with pear scent
  • Pear preserves or jam
  • Chocolate covered pears
  • Decorative pear kitchen towels
  • Partridge or pear ornament

2. Two Turtle Doves: Dove Ornament Gift

Doves Christmas Ornament

Day two is “two turtle doves”, so giving them a dove themed gift is a must. The easiest choice for this day is to give them a pair of dove ornaments for their Christmas tree. You can find a specific Christmas ornament for the two turtle doves theme, or find a more unique set of dove ornaments for an even more special gift.

Other Dove Themed Gift Ideas

In addition to ornaments, there are many other dove themed gifts that will work for day two, whether you want to be more creative or if you want to give them something more meaningful. If you’d rather give them something different than an ornament, check out some other dove themed gift ideas below for the second day of Christmas.

  • A dove necklace or bracelet
  • Dove shaped serving platter
  • Decorative dove garden statue
  • Ceramic dove figurines
  • Fresh dove shaped cookies
  • “Dove” brand chocolates

3. Three French Hens: Chicken Soup Gift

Chicken Soup Gift

“Three French hens” is a little difficult to match a gift to; however, you don’t necessarily have to be completely accurate. For instance, homemade chicken soup is a great choice for day three, even though it doesn’t include hens. Give them a fresh pot of chicken soup or pass along your favorite recipe for them to make the soup on their own. This is a fun gift that will help them stay warm and cozy during the winter season.

Other “French Hens” Gift Ideas

When it comes to the “French hens” gift, you can play around and have a little fun with the interpretation. For example, you can focus on the word “French” and give them a gift around that theme. You can also choose to stick with the hen theme with other unique gift ideas. If you need inspiration, check out some “French hens” gift ideas below to get started.

  • French cookbook
  • Hen themed kid’s book
  • French roast coffee sampler set
  • Hen decorations
  • French food basket
  • Gag gifts/fun gifts: French fries or a stuffed animal hen

4. Four Calling Birds: Bird Decor Gift

Bird Decor Gift

For day four, you of course will want to stick with a bird themed gift! Traditionally, the “four calling birds” mentioned in the song refer to blackbirds. If you want to stick with tradition, focus on blackbird decorations. However, you can also go with a general bird theme if you want to make it even easier to find a gift. Give them a bird themed decoration for day four such as a garden statue, small figurine, or bird themed kitchen towels.

Other Bird Themed Gift Ideas

In addition to bird decorations, there are plenty of other bird themed gifts that you can give them for day four. Whether you give them something fun to add to their space, or a more unique gift that they will enjoy, you can easily find bird themed items to match day four. Check out some ideas below for other bird themed gifts.

  • Themed throw blanket or accent pillows
  • Bird wall art
  • Stuffed animal bird or bird toy
  • Bird puzzle
  • Decorative birdcage
  • Bird feeder
  • Bird jewelry box
Set of 3 Festive Winter Birds

Featured “Bird Themed” Gift: Set Of 3 Festive Winter Birds

5. Five Golden Rings: Ring Toss Game Gift

Ring Toss Game

While your mind probably goes right to jewelry when you think of “five golden rings”, you aren’t necessarily limited to just giving them that for the fifth day. To think outside the box, consider giving them a ring toss game for their backyard. This is an especially great gift for kids or for a family because it’s an activity they can do together. You can even craft your own ring toss game and paint the rings a golden color to match the day perfectly.

Other Golden Ring Themed Gift Ideas

Whether you want to stick with a traditional gift of jewelry, or if you want to do something more creative and fun, there are plenty of other ways to represent the golden rings theme. If you’re looking for other ideas for the fifth day, check out some more golden ring themed gift ideas below.

  • Jewelry – gold rings or a gold ring necklace
  • Golden rings ornament
  • Decorative Christmas napkin rings
  • Gold bell (for the “ringing” of a bell)
  • Ring light for taking videos
  • Christmas donuts with gold frosting/golden accents
10" Ring Light With Tripod

Featured “Ring Themed” Gift: 10″ Ring Light With Tripod

6. Six Geese A-laying: Homemade Eggnog Gift

Christmas Eggnog

For the “six geese a-laying”, you’ll want to focus on either a goose theme or an egg theme. That’s why homemade eggnog is a great choice because it combines the egg theme with Christmas cheer. Give them some fresh eggnog in a Christmas themed pitcher or pair the eggnog with a gift of holiday themed drinking cups. This is a delicious gift that matches the theme nicely.

Other Geese & Egg Themed Gift Ideas

In addition to homemade eggnog, there are plenty of other ways to showcase this theme. You can surprisingly find some creative ideas that don’t necessarily involve an egg food gift. Check out some other geese and egg themed gift ideas below for day six of the Christmas song.

  • Egg cooker/appliance
  • Geese themed coffee mug
  • Cookbook with egg themed recipes
  • Geese and eggs wall art or garden statue
  • Homemade egg breakfast
  • Stuffed animal goose
  • Children’s goose storybook

7. Seven Swans A-swimming: Spa Gift Basket

Happy Holidays Spa Gift Basket

When you think of swans, you think of calmness and serenity. For the seventh day, focus on that calm theme by giving them a spa or beauty gift basket. Fill the basket with items like soaps and lotions, bath bombs, essential oils, a skincare set, and Christmas socks. This is a wonderful way to represent the beauty and serenity of the swan theme.

Other Swan Themed Gift Ideas

If you’d rather be more direct and literal with the swan theme, there are plenty of relevant gift ideas to gift anyone. Give them a decorative swan gift, a fun themed accessory, or something else to represent the swan front and center. Check out some swan themed gift ideas below for the seventh day of Christmas.

  • Swan shaped chocolates
  • Large swan pool float
  • Pair of swan earrings
  • Personalized swan garden flag
  • Swan ornament
  • Children’s book about swans
Sweet Treat Bath Fizzer Gift Set

Featured “Spa Themed” Gift: Sweet Treat Bath Fizzer Gift Set

8. Eight Maids A-milking: Hot Cocoa Gift

Hot Cocoa Gift

For the “eight maids a-milking” day, focus on a milk theme with a dairy item or cow themed item. For a simple milk themed gift, give them a hot cocoa gift. There are plenty of ways to give a delicious hot cocoa gift. You can give them a variety box of different types of cocoas to try. You can also make a layered hot cocoa mason jar with powdered milk, powdered chocolate, sugar, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows. Either way, a hot cocoa gift is a great way to represent the milk theme.

Other Milk Themed Gift Ideas

In addition to a hot cocoa gift, there are plenty of other ways to showcase the milk/cow theme of day eight. Whether you give them a food gift or another unique type of gift, they’ll love the way it ties into the theme. Check out some other milk theme gift ideas below for inspiration.

  • Milk soap gift set
  • Cow themed wall art
  • Decorative creamer or milk pitcher
  • Stuffed animal cow
  • Ice cream shop gift card
  • Homemade chocolate milk
  • Milk and cookies

9. Nine Ladies Dancing: Speaker Or Music Gift

Music Speaker

The “nine ladies dancing” theme gives you the perfect opportunity to give someone a music themed gift. Showcase the fun feeling of music and dancing by giving them a brand new speaker or a set of headphones. Give them something they might not already have such as a Bluetooth speaker or wireless earbuds. Be sure to also include some fun music suggestions for them to listen to on this jolly ninth day.

Other Dancing & Music Themed Gift Ideas

Aside from speakers or headphones, there are plenty of other dancing and music themed gifts to give on the ninth day. Whether you give them a small quirky gift or a more special and cheerful gift, they’ll love receiving it on the ninth day. If you need some more inspiration, check out some dancing and music themed gift ideas below.

  • Gift certificate for dancing lessons
  • Interactive dancing video game
  • Gift card for music store
  • Ballet slippers ornament
  • Dancer themed wall art or figurine
  • Music notes or dance themed coffee mug
  • Ballet slippers or tap shoes

Featured “Music Themed” Gift: MAGNAVOX Portable Bluetooth Speaker

10. Ten Lords A-Leaping: Trampoline Themed Gift

Trampoline Park

When it comes to day ten, you can emphasize on either the “lord” theme or the “leaping” theme. The leaping theme gives you a little more variety and fun, especially if the gift is for a family or for kids. A trampoline gift is the perfect match to the leaping theme. Give them a gift card to a trampoline park or give them a trampoline to add to their home. This is such a lighthearted and exciting gift idea for day ten.

Other “Leaping” Or “Lord” Themed Gift Ideas

If you don’t want to go with the trampoline gift, there are plenty of other leaping themed gifts or even lord themed gifts to choose for day ten. Focus on an overall jumping theme or go with a more religious lord theme. Check out some “leaping lord” themed gift ideas below for inspiration.

  • Set of jump ropes
  • Popcorn gift basket (for “leaping” popcorn)
  • Personalized lord and lady shirts (for the leaping “lords”)
  • Leaping lords ornament
  • Coffee mug with leaping lords theme
  • “Leaping” frog decorations or stuffed animals

11. Eleven Pipers Piping: Christmas Tea Kettle Gift

Snowman Christmas Teapot

The day eleven theme of “pipers pining” should focus on anything that’s “piping” hot or anything that includes pipes. A fun gift choice for this day is a holiday tea kettle to represent that “piping” hot theme. A tea kettle can make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone; fill it with a selection of teas or even a variety of candies to make the gift feel extra special.

Other “Piping/Pipe” Themed Gift Ideas

In addition to a tea kettle gift, there are many other “pipe” themed gifts that you can give for the eleventh day. Give them something cute and silly or give them something they can actually use and enjoy. To get started, check out some themed gift ideas below to give to anyone on day eleven.

  • Pipe wind chimes
  • “Piping” hot drink sampler sets like coffee, tea, or hot cocoa
  • Toy bagpipes or toy flute
  • Bagpipes or flute ornament
  • Piping bags to decorate cookies and cakes
Sets of 9 Warm Winter Coffee Drinks

Featured “Piping Hot Themed” Gift: Sets of 9 Warm Winter Drinks

12. Twelve Drummers Drumming: Drum Ornament Gift

Drum Christmas Ornament

Finally, give someone a fun drum themed gift for day twelve of “twelve drummers drumming”. The easiest go-to gift for this day is a charming drum themed ornament. Give them a cute little barrel drum ornament or a unique drumsticks ornament personalized with their name or the year. This is a simple yet relevant gift choice for the last day of gifts.

Other Drum Themed Gift Ideas

Instead of giving an ornament for the final day, you can also find other unique drum themed items to give as a fun gift. Whether it’s an actual mini drum set, a themed decoration, or another music centered gift, they’ll love this last day of gifts. Check out some drum themed gift ideas below to get some inspiration for the twelfth day.

  • Musical toy drum set
  • Decorative drum figurine
  • A drum tin of Christmas cookies or popcorn
  • Homemade Christmas cupcakes with drum patterned wrappers
  • Concert tickets for their favorite band
  • Mix CD of drum music

Inspired by these “12 Days of Christmas” gift ideas? Get even more Christmas gift inspiration by checking out our Gift Ideas & Personalized section to find gifts for everyone on your list!

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