7 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens Who Like Technology

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the teen on your list? If they enjoy gadgets and electronics, a technology themed gift is the perfect choice for them this holiday season. Whether you give them some unique phone accessories, a fun interactive game, or something useful for their bedroom, they’ll be excited to receive a tech themed gift this Christmas. If you need some inspiration to get started, check out these 7 Christmas gift ideas for teens who like technology.

Teen Gift Idea #1: Smartphone Accessories

10" Ring Light with Tripod

10″ Ring Light with Tripod

Teens love their smartphones, so it only make sense to give them a fun accessory for their phone. Phone accessories are great Christmas gift ideas for teens of all ages, but especially older teens.

Whether you want to give them a fun item that they can use for their phone or a practical item that makes their life a little easier, a phone accessory gift is a great choice for teens. Check out some ideas below for inspiration.

Phone Accessory Gift Ideas For Teens

  • Ring light
  • Phone tripod
  • Charging case
  • Phone camera accessories
  • Smartphone microphone
  • Selfie stick

Teen Gift Idea #2: Electronic Accessories For Their Bedroom

Tower Desk Fan with Light

Tower Desk Fan with Light

Teens spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, so why not give them a unique tech or electronic gift for their space? Whether if it’s a gift for their desk to help with their homework, or a fun electronic item to use for relaxation, they’ll enjoy a technology item for their room.

There are so many different types of tech items and electronics that they can use in their bedroom. Check out some ideas below for inspiration.

Electronic Bedroom Accessories For Teens

  • Desk fan
  • LED decorative accent
  • A touch lamp
  • iPad or tablet
  • E-reader
  • Digital journal

Teen Gift Idea #3: Interactive Gadgets

Bluetooth Microphone Speakers

Bluetooth Microphone Speakers

Teens love gadgets and gizmos – give them a fun gadget gift for Christmas! Small gadgets make great add-on gifts for bigger items or you can even give them a special gadget as their main gift.

If you’re looking for unique interactive gadget gift ideas for teens this Christmas check out some inspiration below.

Interactive Gadget Gift Ideas For Teens

  • Karaoke microphone
  • Handheld video game
  • Remote control car
  • A “smart” electronic notebook
  • Fitness watch or smart watch

Teen Gift Idea #4: Portable Electronic Items

Liz Claiborne™ Phone Charging Wristlets

Liz Claiborne™ Phone Charging Wristlets

If you know a teen who is always on the go, they’ll probably appreciate a portable electronic item for a Christmas gift.

Whether you give them an electronic gift that is practical and useful, or an item that will give them some extra fun and excitement, check out some ideas below for portable electronic gifts.

Portable Electronic Gift Ideas For Teens

  • Phone charging wristlet or purse
  • Portable speaker
  • Wireless headphones
  • Portable mini smartphone printer
  • Charging power pack
  • Handheld video game

Teen Gift Idea #5: Speakers Or Music Players

Naxa Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Control

Naxa Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Control

Another great technology gift idea for teens are speakers, music players, or music themed accessories. If they love listening to music on a daily basis, a music oriented tech gift is the perfect choice for them.

If you need some inspiration for your Christmas list, check out some music themed tech gift ideas for teens below.

Music Themed Tech Gift Ideas For Teens

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • New headphones
  • Music streaming subscription
  • Old fashioned boombox
  • Portable media player

Teen Gift Idea #6: Fun Video Games

TV Dance Mat

TV Dance Mat

Video games and gaming consoles are always a solid choice for teens. Many teenagers love to play games, especially ones that are unique and interactive.

Whether you want to give them a new video game for a device they already own, or a brand new type of electronic game for them to try out, the possibilities are endless. Check out some ideas below.

Video Game Gift Ideas For Teens

  • Interactive dance mat for the TV
  • Virtual reality games
  • New controllers for their gaming system
  • Handheld portable video game gadget
  • Old fashioned arcade game machine

Teen Gift Idea #7: Laptop Or Computer Accessories

Deluxe Laptop Desk with Cooling Fan

Deluxe Laptop Desk with Cooling Fan

If you’re shopping for older teens, consider giving them a laptop or computer accessory gift for Christmas. This type of gift is great for their age because they tend to use their computer a lot both for homework and for fun.

Whether they have a desk set up in their room with a computer, or if they have a more simple laptop in their space, check out some ideas below for computer accessory gift ideas.

Computer Accessory Gift Ideas For Teens

  • Standing laptop desk
  • Laptop cooling fan
  • New keyboard or mouse
  • Laptop stand
  • New computer monitors
  • Computer charging station

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