7 Backyard Decorating Ideas For An Inviting Space

Now that springtime is here, it’s time for outdoor relaxation and backyard entertaining! Decorating your outdoor space can amplify your relaxation and “wow” your guests during backyard barbecues and get-togethers. Whether you have a small cozy backyard or a spacious welcoming one, it’s always a good idea to make it feel homey and special. From furniture to lighting to accents and more, here are 7 backyard decorating ideas for an inviting space.

1. Display A Garden Trellis For A Stunning Backyard Space

Backyard Decorating Ideas - Garden Trellis

A beautiful archway garden trellis can make any yard feel magical in the springtime. There are so many ways to show off a trellis in your backyard when combined with your flowers or other outdoor decorations. Luckily you can find a way to incorporate a trellis no matter what size your yard is.

Set up a trellis in your backyard to section off different areas of your garden. This will make your space feel even more special and it can even create the illusion of a bigger backyard. You can also use a trellis at the start of a walkway to your garden. This will give off the feeling of a large botanical setting in the comfort of your backyard.

An easy way to decorate a trellis is to wrap string lights around the entire arch. It’ll create a magical glow at nighttime and looking great when combined with solar garden stakes. In addition to string lights, you can also use climbing plants and flowering vines that will wrap around the trellis as they grow. While this requires a little more effort, it can be well worth it to get a unique look. If you aren’t sure what plants to use, check out some of the best climbing plants below for inspiration.

Best Climbing Plants For A Trellis

  • Wisteria
  • Climbing Hydrangea
  • Black-eyed Susan Vine
  • Sweet Pea
  • Climbing Roses
  • Ivy
  • Bougainvillea
  • Purple Hyacinth Bean
  • Passionflower Vine
  • Moonflower

2. Set Up A Backyard Firepit For Evening Entertainment

Backyard Decorating Ideas - Firepit

There’s nothing quite like sitting outside on a breezy spring or summer evening in front of a warm fire. Adding a firepit to your backyard is not only a great addition to your outdoor entertaining, but it’s also a beautiful decorative element that will take your space to the next level.

While you can build an in-ground firepit or a brick firepit that permanently stays on your patio, it’s much easier to use a store-bought one. Find firepits made of steel, brick, concrete, and more to add some style to your patio or yard. Add a circle of chairs around your firepit or a couple of benches and table nearby to create a relaxing seating area for entertaining.

There are several types of firepits you can use in your backyard, depending on the ambiance and overall look that you want. Some types are easier to maintain than others, and some give off a strong scent. If you aren’t sure which type you want, we broke down 3 of the main types below.

3 Types Of Firepits

  1. Wood Burning Firepits: These are one of the most common types of firepits and give off similar ambiance as a campfire. They’re mostly made of steel and they provide a good amount of heat based on the overall size of the pit.
  2. Gel Fuel Firepits: These firepits don’t give off as much heat and they don’t give off the “campfire” smell. These are perfect for those who want a small, simple, and clean fire in their yard.
  3. Propane Firepits: This type of firepit is one of the easiest types to use and maintain; there’s no wood to use and there’s no gel to refill. With a simple ignition switch and a propane tank, these firepits can make a nice addition to your yard.

3. Add A Pop Of Color In Your Backyard With Bright Chairs

Backyard Decorating Ideas - Colorful Chairs

Bright colors can make your backyard feel extra welcoming and inviting. Decorative accents and furniture can contribute to the color scheme in your yard and set the entire ambiance of your space. If you don’t want your yard to be overly colorful, using some bright chairs for your one pop of color can be a great option.

Fill your space with neutral pieces of furniture and garden decorations to create a simple and sleek setting. Once you have your main style defined, you can then bring in a couple bold lounge chairs to show off a bright accent color. Display the chairs on your patio, or place them out in your grass near your garden for an alternative look.

You can also bring in some small accents to match your bold colored chairs. Adding the color to different areas of your yard will bring everything together and make your decor flow. Consider accents such as small planters, garden stakes, subtle statues, and stepping stones. This is a great way to make your backyard look exciting without being too overpowering.

Check out these patio furniture ideas for even more inspiration on making your space feel uniquely yours!

4. Hang Solar String Lights For A Magical Backyard At Night

Backyard Decorating Ideas - Solar String Lights

Lighting is another important aspect of your backyard space, especially when you’re entertaining on spring and summer evenings. The lighting can make or break the overall ambiance of your yard, so it’s best to put a lot of thought into how you light up your outdoor area. Combining lights with decorative elements can make for the ultimate backyard enjoyment.

Solar lights are one of the best choices for outdoor lighting because of their efficiency. Since they take in the energy of the sun during the day to glow brightly at night, you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or taking up energy with electricity. You can find a lot of different solar lighting including string lights, lanterns, sconces, and even solar garden decorations. Light up different areas of your yard with warm solar lights to create a relaxing environment or colored lights to make the area feel extra bright and vibrant.

Backyard Decorating Ideas: Solar Lighting

  • Hang string lights across your fence for the backsplash of your yard.
  • Decorate the underside of a table umbrella with string lights.
  • Line up solar garden stakes on the pathway to your garden.
  • Place small solar stakes inside of planters on your patio.
  • Hang solar lanterns from your backyard tree branches.
  • Use solar wall sconces on each side of your patio sliding door.

5. Create A Seating Area In Your Backyard Garden For A Relaxing Space

Swinging Garden Bench

Instead of just focusing on your patio seating, you can elevate your backyard even more by adding seating to your garden area. This is a great idea if you have a bigger sized yard and you want to incorporate more areas for relaxation and enjoyment. If you have a beautiful blooming garden, this is a nice way for you and your guests to appreciate the flowers!

An easy way to bring seating to your backyard garden is to add a simple bench in an open space among your flowers. You can combine this with some of these other backyard decorating ideas, such as the garden trellis and solar lights. Set up a garden trellis at the start of your garden, line your pathway with solar stakes, and place the bench at the end of the pathway. This will create a magical looking space at nighttime and a bright and fresh space during the day.

If you want more alternative seating, you can use a hammock or a swinging bench instead. These are great ideas for those who want a laid back space while still maintaining a decorative and quaint look. You can tie together your entire yard by using matching or similar seating in your patio and in your garden. For instance, if you use a wooden bench in your garden, use wooden chairs on your patio to make the entire area feel complete.

6. Use An Outdoor Rug For A Comfortable Backyard Area

Outdoor Patio Rug

Many of these backyard decorating ideas promote a relaxing and calming space, and this next idea fits in perfectly! Outdoor area rugs can be a wonderful addition to your patio because they can set the scene for an inviting seating area for you and your guests. They can also bring a lot of extra color and style to your patio, which can freshen up your space for spring and summer.

While you may already have a doormat outside your sliding door, adding an area rug and really amplify and transform your entire backyard. Choose a rug with a fun pattern to make your patio feel unique, or go for a solid bright color to create a stunning spring feeling.

How To Set Up Your Patio With An Outdoor Rug

  1. Start by choosing your area rug. Opt for one with spring patterns such as flowers, butterflies, bees, or birds. You can also incorporate warm weather colors such as bright blue, pink, yellow, orange, or green. You can match your rug to outdoor decorations you already have or start a brand new theme on your patio.
  2. Next, add your seating. This can be an arrangement of chairs in a circle around the rug, or a combination of a bench and some chairs.
  3. Then, add cushions and throw pillows to your seating. These should nicely complement the colors and patterns in your rug.
  4. Once you have your cushions and pillows, you can add a table on top of the rug. This can either be a full dining table or a short coffee table.
  5. Finally, feel free to add some plants or accents on top of your table. These should also complement the colors in your rug.

7. Combine Function & Style With Backyard Storage Furniture

Outdoor Storage Bench

Whether you have a small backyard or big one, combining style and function is always useful. Outdoor storage furniture is a great addition to your patio because you can keep a lot of necessary items hidden away but within reach.

Storage furniture is perfect for storing away outdoor items such as gardening tools, grilling accessories, and extra outdoor light bulbs. You can also easily keep entertaining essentials inside of your storage furniture like drink coasters, placemats, extra plates and cups. Additionally, store away your kids outdoor toys and games for easy access and a clean organized space.

There are many different types of storage furniture that can fit into your outdoor space. Whether you use a storage bench, a hidden storage table, or an outdoor ottoman, you can make these pieces look nice on your patio. Storage furniture can easily be combined with the other backyard decorating ideas on this list for the ultimate outdoor space.

Inspired by these backyard decorating ideas? Get started on your space by checking out our selection of Outdoor Decor! Shop solar lighting, garden stakes, unique planters, outdoor accents, and much more to make your yard feel beautiful and relaxing this spring and summer.

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