How To Make Your Porch Cozy For Fall

Fall decor is all about giving off warm and welcoming feelings as the weather gets colder. Making your home cozy for fall is a great way to transform your space during the chilly weather. Your front porch can be decorated in a festive way that gives off those same feelings. With some simple elements, you can have a beautifully decorated porch this harvest season. Here are some tips on how to make your porch cozy for fall.

Decorate With A Harvest Sentiment Doormat

How To Make Your Porch Cozy For fall - Thankful Harvest Doormat

Doormats not only add a practical element to your porch, but they also bring a warm welcome to your front door. Using a seasonal doormat with a fall sentiment can help make your porch feel cozy.

Warm and simple sentiments such as “thankful”, “blessed”, or “happy fall” can tie together your autumnal theme without being too bold or distracting. You can also choose doormats with fall motifs such as pumpkins and leaves for another festive touch. If you want to go even more simple, opt for a solid colored doormat that matches your other fall porch decor. Orange, red, or yellow work well in this case.

Once you choose a doormat, complement it nicely by adding a welcome sign or fall foliage wreath on your door. Then, place a pumpkin or fall statue next to the doormat to complete the look.

Use Cozy Pillows & Blankets On Porch Furniture

Decorate Porch With Plaid Pillows

Pillows and blankets aren’t just for indoors! Bring these cozy elements outside and use them on your porch furniture for a warm and relaxing outdoor space this fall.

Decorate with pillows and blankets that have plaid patterns, fall symbols, and warm rustic colors. Make sure to style these items on your furniture when you’re not using them. Neatly drape or fold a blanket across the back of a chair or bench. Fluff the pillows to keep them looking comfortable.

If you have a bench or porch swing, you can also add or swap out cushions for fall themed ones. Cushions will not only make your furniture feel more comfortable to sit on, but they’ll also add a huge decorative element to your porch and help create a full fall scene.

Add Lanterns To The Porch For A Cozy Fall Touch

Lanterns For Porch Decor

Lighting can make or break the entire aesthetic of your fall porch. A properly lit porch with decorative elements can give off those wonderfully warm and cozy feelings when the autumn weather arrives.

Warm lighting is the best type of lighting to use for a fall porch because of the soft and calming vibes it gives off. Lanterns are a great start for lighting because you can use LED candles inside of them, making them easy to display. Add several tall lanterns on your porch or porch steps with LED pillar candles inside each one. Turn them on at night for a beautiful spectacle.

In addition to lanterns, you can also decorate with string lights wrapped around your porch railing, lighted decor such as statues, or even yard stake lights placed along the pathway to your porch. Any type of warm lighting displayed on your porch in the fall will result in a cozy environment.

Decorate With Autumn Flowers For A Welcoming Porch

Fall Porch Flowers

Flowers and fall foliage can add a beautiful spread of autumn colors to your front porch and make it feel more warm and welcoming. You can decorate with real or faux flowers and plants to get this effect.

Display flowers and plants in fall themed planters to get an extra festive look. Rustic wood planters, metal planters, and harvest sentiment planters all work nicely. You can even use a pumpkin as a planter for the ultimate fall look. Check out how to make a DIY pumpkin planter. Additionally, place various sized pumpkins around your porch to complement your flowers.

In addition to fall flowers, you can also decorate with fall foliage to create a warm and welcoming outdoor space. The easiest way to do this is by wrapping leaf garland around your porch railing or decorate your front door with a fall foliage wreath.

Accent Your Porch With Hay Bales For A Classic Fall Scene

Decorate Porch With Hay Bales

Fall decor naturally gives off a farmhouse country vibe due to its rustic materials and plaid patterns. You can amplify that cozy country feeling even more by incorporating hay bales in your porch decor spread.

Hay bales or straw bales can look nice stacked up on your porch when combined with other decorations. Set the scene by stacking a couple bales on top of each other and place some pumpkins on top. If you have a large porch, you can set up multiple stacks of hay with various fall decorations on top of them.

You can also incorporate hay or straw materials through other decorations such as wreaths, wall hangings, doormats, and more. These types of decorations will nicely accent your porch and add to the cozy atmosphere.

Looking for even more inspiration on how to make your porch cozy for fall? Shop our full selection of Fall Harvest Decor to find outdoor accents, along with other harvest decorations for every room in your house!

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