7 Cute Halloween Decorations That Won’t Scare The Kids

Halloween is the time of year when the dark and spooky creatures come out to play. From zombies and skeletons to witches and bats, these creepy figures may excite adults but they can also frighten children.

When many kids think of Halloween, they picture trick-or-treating and pumpkins. They want to dress up as their favorite superhero or princess and collect candy. They aren’t typically drawn to the scary side of the holiday.

If you want to get into the Halloween spirit but stay kid-friendly, check out this list of cute Halloween decorations from our fall catalog that your kids will love just as much as you do.

Country Ghost Halloween Decor

Ghosts are staple of Halloween, so you certainly don’t want to leave them out of your house decorations.

The Country Ghost Halloween Decor includes The Triple Ghost Door Hanger and The Ghost Door Hanger. These friendly metal ghosts and bats bring a cheerful “boo!” greeting to your front door that your kids can see everyday when they come home from school.

These signs will perfectly complement your casual, farmhouse decor style.

Color-Changing Halloween Pumpkins

These Color-Changing Halloween Pumpkins will add a sense of magic and wonder inside the comfort of your home. One of the pumpkins features a haunted house and the other one displays two witches stirring up a brew.

Your kids will be amazed as they watch the pumpkins transform into mesmerizing shades of blue, purple, green, and red.

Pair it with some of our Halloween Flickering Light Cloches to light up your house in the nighttime.

Crazy for Candy Corn Decor Collection

This Crazy for Candy Corn Decor Collection has vibrant orange and yellow colors that are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

The Reversible Block Sign reads “Happy Halloween” on one side, and “Trick or Treat” on the other. The Set of 3 Candy Corn is a cute wooden display of the sugary Halloween treat.

These Halloween home decorations are a classic representation of the fall holiday that the whole family will enjoy.

Halloween PAW-ty Pups

When you think of the word “cute”, your mind probably jumps to kids and puppies.

These adorable tiny ceramic puppies will set the lighthearted tone that you are looking for in your home. The Halloween PAW-ty Pups are dressed as four different characters including a ghost, a monster, a vampire, and a witch.

Get the whole collection to keep the puppy pack together and display them on your tabletop for all to see.

Monogram Pumpkin Stakes

These metal Monogram Pumpkin Stakes are fun outdoor Halloween decorations for your home.

The friendly feel of these will brighten up your front yard and will fit in well with the fall leaves. You can display multiple stakes to represent each member of your family as a fun way to get the kids excited for Halloween.

The pumpkin stakes are a great alternative to some of the scarier lawn decorations that are typically seen around the neighborhood.


Set of 4 Furry Halloween Bags

The Set of 4 Furry Halloween Bags can be set up as unique Halloween decorations until they are ready to be used for trick-or-treating.

Featuring a black bat, purple cat, orange pumpkin, and green monster, your kids will not only enjoy looking at the fun creatures, but they will also love the soft feel of them.

These bags can be a nice addition to your child’s bedroom as a daily reminder to get excited for Halloween.

Lighted Halloween Tabletop Accents

These rustic wood decorations light up and set the scene for a calm family evening of watching Halloween movies and eating candy.

The Lighted Halloween Tabletop Accents come in three different creatures including a ghost, a pumpkin, and a skull. Display all three in a small space for a cozy and relaxing night.

As a bonus, they can also be used as an alternative nightlight in your kid’s bedroom for the Halloween season.

This is just a selection of the cute Halloween decorations that you and your kids can enjoy around the house. Browse our entire Halloween collection for more unique holiday decor and check out our August Catalog for even more fall inspiration!

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