$100 Can Take You Far at Lakeside Collection

As we announced Monday, Lakeside Collection is giving away a $100 American Express gift card everyday through May 28th. You can enter on our Facebook page or by clicking this link: http://on.fb.me/JbhJtL

So how far can $100 get you? Well if you choose to spend it at Lakeside Collection, $100 can translate to a brand new bedroom! Check it out below. For this beautiful new bedroom we spent just $99.35 (plus tax + S&H).

Here is our receipt:
(1) 7-Pc. Lilac Reflection Queen Bed Set—————————$54.95
(2) Two Adjustable Wall Lamp ($19.95 each)———————$39.90
(1) Linen Vanilla Candle Reed Diffuser Set ————————-$4.50
TOTAL:   $99.35

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